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[Face to the world]Bio of Khenpo Tamgrin [复制链接]

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11.Organizing Joint Practices

Guru once said that individual’s power is like spark and many people’s power is like flame, and flame’s power is irresistible. In order to let disciples to be able to both accumulate merits and virtues and eliminate karma quickly, Guru establishes on-site practice groups around China for joint practice, organizes everyone to participate in network joint practices and organizes the four large Dharma assemblies for joint practice every year.

In order to let everyone persist studying and practicing Dharma as well as accelerate mutually, in the regions where conditions were endowed with, Guru established Dzogchen practice groups to organize everyone to conduct on-site practice. In order to let the groups to develop better, Guru enjoined everyone that it was the lifetimes relationships made us meet together this life and we shall also be together when we become Buddha in the future. Vajra brothers gather irregularly to hear and reflect deeply on the Buddha’s teaching, practice and discuss Dharma, sing and dance. They encourage and accelerate each other, are close like family, enjoy brotherly relations, as well as practice happily.

Since the network joint practice classroom of Dzogchen established from 2006, because of its purity and harmony, it has been praised by network practitioners as a gas station of diligent study and practice. It is network practitioners’ warm home, a home for vagabond wanderers to return to and a harbor for heart to have a rest. Countless practitioners remain within doors everyday (to participate in network joint practices). As long as they turn on computers, they can hear Dharma, be close to Guru and Vajra brothers, as well as participate in joint practices. Consequently, many people gain benefits.

In recent years, the Ten Thousand lamps Dharma Assembly, the Bliss Dharma Assembly, the Padmasambhava Dharma Assembly and the Avalokitesvara Dharma Assembly held by Dzogchen Practice Center were all broadcasted through the network joint practice classroom. In this form, Guru let monks and lay Buddhist students cohere and conduct joint practice synchronously, letting numerous disciples eliminated countless hindrance of karma and accumulate immeasurable preparation.

Guru said that pure joint practice is one of the most very important conditions for Siddhi. Regardless of whether you are a devotee on the hill or not and whether you visit the scene or not, as long as you arouse Bodhichitta appropriately, you will get all the meritorious virtues of the period of joint practice.  

11.  组  织  共 修






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12.Establishing Bodhimanta

In this age, what we lack is not Bodhimanta but systematic and complete practice means. It is extremely urgent to build a Bodhimantra that have authentic Dharma in order to provide everyone a place of tranquility for practice. It can immeasurably benefit sentient beings that building a Buddhist Institute and cultivating even only one or two teachers of Dharma and khempos. Guru said that at the beginning, the King of Dharma Jigme Phungtsog looked far ahead and aimed high, established Larung Buddhist Institute and cultivated hundreds of khenpos. Now these khenpos spread all over the world. They pass on the King of Dharma’s true Dharma torch and continue King of Dharma’s enterprise of promoting Buddhism for benefiting sentient beings. These are responsibilities and tasks of themselves as the King of Dharma’s followers. For these responsibilities and tasks, since 2009, Guru commenced to plan building Buddhist Institute and practice center.

Now, Namtsok Serder Monastery includes two areas, Namtsok Serder Buddhist Institute; Dzogchen Practice Center which is a Budhimanta combined with Exoteric and Tantric practice and a factory of producing Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. They have already become two sparkling pearls of the snow-covered plateau.

                     12.  创   建   道   场




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13.Promoting Lang dance

Lang dance and music derive from mind terma (treasury) of Patrul Rinpoche, he used to foretell that famine and war would be eliminated from snow plateau all over if Lang dance spread over, and it is the light of origin of blessedness. The Dharma King Jigme Phungtsog Khenpo said that whoever sees the dance, good luck and happiness will come over and no any sickness, wherever you dance Lang, there is no famine and war, all the good luck and blessedness would be increased. Especially for those followers who dance regularly at home will gain more. Now it is period of five Turbidities, wherever you dance Lang will remove declines of five Turbidities, religion and regime will be auspicious and thriving.


Guru Rinpoche has said that Lang dance is a method of training body and mind, it could be easier to enlighten and see self-nature through Lang dance if you believe in it.

Started from Patrul Rinpoche, many great Siddhas wanted to promote Lang dance and brought benefits to sentient beings. But causes and conditions are insufficient because of sentient beings’ merits and virtues are not enough. It doesn’t happen until the Dharma King conducted dance postures in person, then Lang has been promoted in Larung and Tibet, while yet to be propagated in world.


In the seventh “Ten Thousand Lamps Dharma Assembly” in 2011, Guru had assigned 16 disciples from Han people, 8 of them represent happiness and another 8 represent emptiness, trippingly dance on the stage of Great Bliss and Music in front of Dzogchen Practice Center. Under blessing from lineage patriarch of Patrul Rinpoche and The Dharma King, as well as blessing from our Guru. The dance is graceful and vigorous. It is integrated with patriarch’s aspirations of saving sentient beings, blended with appreciation to patriarchs from Khenpo Tamgrin, mixed together yearning to the Dharma King, fused with sincerity of fulfilling aspirations of patriarchs.

This is first time that Han disciples performed the Lang. this is very excellent origin that indicates Lang dance spread from Tibet to Han from now on, and goes further to the world.


Since then, Lang dance became one of daily practice in Dzogchen Practice Center and the on-line Dzogchen communities. Guru’s compassion and the power of his vow surpass everything; Lang has been propagated across country and world along with sentient beings’ blessings. The patriarchs and the Dharma King’s aspirations have come true.

13. 弘  扬  朗  舞









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14.Establish the Sangha

In June 2011, during the second “One Hundred Day Joint Practice”, with the pray of the destined followers, the first batch of disciples who used to be teachers, graduate students, undergraduates, even businessmen were tonsured to be monks in the Dzogchen Practice Centre. In order to achieve relief and enlightenment for oneself and others, to spread Dzogchen all over the world, inspired by the power of the Guru’s vows, they renunciated the society, left the secular world and went to the way to be monks with a firm determination. They vowed to follow the Guru, learn the Buddha Dharma hard, and determined to become a useful person for sentient beings like their Guru.

The sangha are the heirs to the Buddhist Dharma, they bear Buddha possessions, and shoulder the mission of helping sentient beings. In order to let them have the ability of propagating the Dharma and benefiting sentient beings, according to the present situation of the Sangha, sacred rules and strict precepts were laid down and Guru also set the schedule for Sangha to learn the Five Treatises of Exoteric and Tantric Sutras and Mantras. He used various methods to temper disciples’ mind, tame everyone's habits. In the Guru's painstaking cultivation, the Sangha became more united, expending and purer day by day.

In 2012, the Guru established a Performance Offering Team in the Sangha, which is the first one made up by Han nuns in Tibetan area. In each Dharma Assembly, the dharma music fills the air, made those who heard it felt full of joy and they enjoyed themselves so much as to forget to leave..., The Sangha’s practice are progressing well and outstanding.

14. 建  立  僧  团





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15.Footprints spreads across the country

Through the on-line and on-site joint practice, more and more people kept up with the Guru and made the Dharma relationships with him as well, in order to strengthen the confidence of practice, Beseeched by all his disciples, Guru gave preaching every year throughout the country. Providing guidance for learning and practicing, he traveled around, wherever he went, he taught and tamed his disciples with his endless wisdom and compassion, spurred them on practice.

Because of Guru's hard work, the disciples' faith increased and they made changes day by day, the supreme “pure land and Dzogchen” preached by Guru has been accepted to a greater extent, more and more people followed the master; the people of accomplishment will be boundless......

15.  足  迹  遍  布



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